Benefits of the Piano Life Saver System:The system provides a consistent climate , keeping the humidity level constant year round in any environment. The Piano Life Saver is installed out of sight,inside the piano.Models are available for Grand Pianos,Baby Grands, and Upright Pianos.

The Piano Life Saver System:

Stabilizes Piano Tuning,maintaining pitch and markedly                                                                    extending the life of the piano tunings.minimizes the expansion                                                              and contraction of action parts which provides optimum touch                                                               and predictable keyboard control.
Prevents Rust on the strings and metal parts.     
Minimizes felt deterioration,reducing the harsh tones that
come from flattened hammer felt in low humidity or the muffled
tones from swollen hammer felt in high humidity.
Minimize glue failure throughout the piano
Protect your investment year after year. 

                      How the Piano LifeSaver System works
                                                          The Piano Life Saver System is made up of basic components
                                                           which work together to control internal piano humidity levels and
                                                           climate no matter what the external conditions are.
                                                           Through a cycling action, the humidistat is calibrated to create
                                                           a separate environment within the piano,producing a narrow range
                                                           of average humidity.When the humidistat,located less than inch
                                                           from the soundboard,senses that the wood is dry,it turns on the
                                                           humidifier.Then,when the humidifier has provided enough moisture
                                                           to the soundboard, the humidistat turns off the humidifier and turns
                                                           on the dehumidifier.The dehumidifier carries away moisture from
                                                           the soundboard on air currents until the humidistat senses that the
                                                           soundboard is dry.The system again switches to the humidifying
                                                           function. The cycle continues day after day,year after year,
                                                           protecting your piano from external conditions.