My name is John Luca, owner of Mastercraft Piano Company. I am a member of the
piano technicians guild and have been servicing pianos for over 32 years. All tunings,
repairs and rebuilding are performed by me personally. I tune all makes and models
of pianos.

Steinway ,Yamaha,
Baldwin,Mason Hamlin,

     All my tunings are done by ear.
      No electronic devices are used.

My rebuilding focuses on
improving the overall tone quality
and playability of the piano.
I specialize in:
Hammer Installation(replacement)
Action Regulation
Voicing( this is critical to evenness of tone quality)
Reshaping Hammers.

Other Services:
Piano keys recovered(whites and sharps)
Humidity Control Systems Installed and Serviced
(Dampp-Chaser Dehumidifier, Humidifier)
Complete piano Repair and Adjustments.

Piano benches, Cory piano care products,
piano lamps, piano cover, etc.

                  Mastercraft Piano        Company
Quality Service since 1978
Call for information and   appointments:
Servicing Long Island NY,Queens,Brooklyn, Bronx , NY, NYC
Vendor for NYC Board of Ed and Nassau County
Piano Life Saver System By                      Dampp-Chaser
Important Piano Care Tip:
One of the most important steps in piano care and maintenance is keeping your piano in an environment where the relative humidity and temperature are stable at approximately 45% and 70 F respectively.  Piano climate control systems are an excellent choice to maintain soundboard and tuning stability.
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Prepping a Steinway action for concert